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Who can benefit from Private FM services?

If we consider the risks inherent in employment relationships nowadays, then it is a righteous idea to employ a private facility management expert or FM manager.

Background of facility management in Hungary. Where we come from and where we go?

My company, the affiliate of FM Manager Ltd. has been present in the Hungarian market as a construction engineering service provider for as many as twenty-seven years.

Having a look at the professional past, the Hungarian FM market has been under pressure recently. Many companies of Hungarian and foreign interest and ownership built facilities in Hungary. It entailed quickly-reacting professional training courses of the Hungarian FM market.

If looking back to the last sixty-seventy years in history, then we can see that Western European countries not on the socialist side enjoyed evident economic benefits as opposed to a lot of Central European countries.

In Hungary, the second World War and socialism caused huge damages for the society, politics and the economy.  Thus a lot of time passed until professional FM training courses.

FM area was non-existent and thus there were no professional complexity, systematic thinking, measurement and data collection and energy efficiency efforts.

Now FM training is experiencing a boom, and persons and companies to represent the profession substantially are regulated by several Acts and organisational proposals.

As regards the essence, it is important to note that we can always learn from professional organisations of the market, legal regulations and Decrees, the effects of which can be felt in economic, professional, political and environmental areas which a facility manager has to deal with.

Someone entering the FM area faces new processes which never end, so a good problem-solving skill is demanded.

Typical activities

  • FM planning and strategy;
  • Property management;
  • Facility management;
  • Resource management;
  • Asset management;

Whom to choose?

It is important to choose an FM manager whose professional background is based on experiences, qualifications and real references acquired on property management or facility management areas. We have to note that the FM manager degree can be obtained at a postgradual training in higher education institutions. So we have to be careful when choosing.

How to progress?

It is important to clarify expectations and activities since it is the basis of a good contract. If we have no experience, we should look for professional help. If we managed to determine our problem and needs, then “we have already laid down the foundation stone of the change”.

Hierarchical order is not working regularly in the life of a company or organisation but it is realistic in Hungary.

To build a multi-stage hierarchical contact order can work inversely on the level of small or big companies. The individual support of an external contractor from the inside may entail disturbances and limitations in the implementation of an efficient management order.

How can we solve this efficiently?

We should look for an experienced FM manager, enter into a contract with him and introduce an independent control and accounting system which can be a solution to the following:

– efficient FM services processes

– corporate budget

– environmental protection

– project planning

– conflict management

– preparation of tender materials

– energy efficiency and management tasks

– support of the operational staff

– etc.

Why should we choose an external FM manager?

  • parties are obliged to perform under a contract
  • the service can be set off just like a package of photocopier paper-
  • if I am not satisfied I can immediately terminate the contract
  • no labour disputes
  • no redundancy benefits
  • no leave
  • no explaining and bad conscience upon dismissal
  • independent representative representing only the interests of the contracting party
  • cost and success oriented activity
  • an independent professional opinion for the preparation of the decision with exercising external control powers,

How can we measure the activity of the FM manager?

– with performance indicators

– with budget reduction measures

– with corporate and organisational mood elements

– with economic measures of developments

– with strategic professional support